The Heart of the Gold Country

Amador County Film Commision

Filming in Amador County
Film-friendly Amador County offers you incredible natural beauty, a rich variety of historical settings and a rural flavor that makes it a great place for all kinds of shoots. Nestled in the heart of California's Mother Lode, Amador encompasses 593 square miles stretching from the floor of the San Joaquin Valley to the 9,000 foot peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Amador County Offers
  • Elevations from 900 - 9000ft 
  • Authentic historical sites  
  • Beautiful lakes and scenery  
  • Miles of rushing river 
  • 14 historic towns

Amador County's rich history is evident in the numerous century-old buildings (both residential and commercial), mine structures and artifacts, and landmarks. These include Preston Castle, Knight Foundry, Kennedy Mine, and a great many more.

Amador County is very accommodating, too. From the hotels, restaurants and available labor pool (craftspeople, extras, etc.) to the cooperative county agencies and expedited permitting process, we stand ready to provide a cooperative and favorable climate for your production needs. 

The Amador County Film Commission is the acting liaison between film companies and the County of Amador, and the cities of Amador City, Ione, Jackson, Plymouth and Sutter Creek. If you have any questions please call (209) 223-2276 or 

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