The Heart of the Gold Country

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife Viewing

Spring is signaled when the bluebirds arrive. These brightly colored birds sometimes raise two groups of young in a season. When the meadowlark sings, summer is on its way. Canada geese can be viewed in our skies and stopping at local ponds and lakes when they make their migration each direction. In the dead of winter, Eagles' nests can be viewed from the water while traveling around Lake Pardee.

Wildlife is part of our daily lives. Most common are the deer, skunks, raccoons, and wild turkeys. Travel on some of the quieter roads, and you may see coyote, bobcat, fox, and an occasional mountain lion. Remember outdoor safety rules while viewing the wildlife. If you are unsure, ask a local ranger at our parks.

Middle Creek & Middle Creek Expansion is 13 miles off Hwy 88 on stream between upper/ lower Blue Lakes. Open June - October. Camping, fishing and swimming are available. 
Blue Lakes Rd. 
Mokelumne Campground is located 38 miles east of Jackson on Highway 88. Open year-round. Swimming, camping, fishing and hiking are available. 
Salt Springs Rd.
Pipi Valley is a great place for riding Off Road Vehicles, camping, picnicing hiking and fishing. Fun for the whole family.  The area is part of the Eldorado National Forest along the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes River.  Historically, the native Miwok people of northern California used to camp in this region in summertime.
PiPi Picnic Area
The PiPi Picnic Area is located at the entrance to PiPi Campground along the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes River and offers great fishing and swimming opportunities.
Roaring Camp is something special in the way of family recreation. It is an old gold mining camp on the Mokulmne River. In the past, it was accessible only by horseback. Roaring Camp was once a camp for Forty Niners, but since it was so inaccessible, most of the gold still remains. Visitors can see our operating gold mine and can mine their own gold by panning, sluicing, dredging, and dry washing.
Upper Blue Lakes is located 15 miles off Hwy 88. Open June - October. Upper Blue Lake is a beautiful place for fishing, hiking, camping, and swimming. 
Blue Lakes Rd
Vaught's Beach is fun for the whole family! Vaught's Beach is a good place to cool off in the water and have a pinic with the family. Restrooms are available.
Electra Rd
Jackson CA
White Azalea is located off Ellis Rd, 37 miles east of Jackson off Highway 88. Picnicking, fishing, swimming, and camping are available. 
Ellis Rd
Woods Lake located South off Hwy 88, near Carson Pass. Open July - October. Camping, swimming, picnicking, and fishing is available.